Amanda Hocking: A Self Made Bestseller

Amanda HockingAmanda Hocking is a self-made, bestselling author and millionaire that is paving the way for many. Born in 1984 and raised in the countryside of Minnesota, Hocking had a childhood garnered for writing. With tight finances and no cable tv, Amanda read constantly. As a kid her parents divorced and she found herself often depressed and generally morose.

Amanda was always known by family and friends as a storyteller, but writing would show as Hocking’s escape. She would soon immerse herself into worlds and characters of fantasy. Situations, she has said, partially inspired by her own life and often set in the scenery of Minnesota.

At the age of 25, Amanda Hocking really started putting effort into trying to score a publishing deal for her novels. At the time she had authored a number of novels and short stories. She pressured herself based on the goal of getting published by the time she was 26, the same age Stephen King was first published.My Blood Approves series by Amanda HockingAfter getting turned down on every submission, Amanda Hocking decided to self publish her first book, My Blood Approves, on her 26th birthday in 2010. She would continue to publish the four sequels of this vampire romance series throughout 2010; all by herself, primarily as ebooks. By March of 2011, Hocking gained significant momentum and sold over 1 million copies of her books, clearing over $2 million for herself.

Her primary sales model has been based on price. Primarily the first book of a series will be priced at $0.99 with the sequels priced at $2.99. According to this self made author, this model gets more people introduced to her work as they are likely to be less discriminatory of a work costing only a dollar.

The success of this sales strategy has not only made Hocking a self made millionaire, but has also found her a book publisher, St. Martin’s. The first series released through this deal will be the Watersong series as well as a re-release of her self-published series Trylle which will include additional content.